Smart luggage firms lose battery fight

Two smart luggage firms have closed in May, with both blaming changes to airline policies regarding how lithium batteries can be taken on board planes.

Raden and Bluesmart said the changes, by several major airlines in December 2017, had made business impossible.

The new rules meant that luggage batteries had to be removable.

The smart suitcases feature weight sensors, a built-in phone charger and location awareness – but all require battery power.

Källa: Smart luggage firms lose battery fight

Four men linked to have been charged with extortion

Four men allegedly behind the website have been arrested and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced charges of extortion, money laundering and identity theft. The website mines information from police department websites, pulling names, mugshotsand charges of those who have been arrested, and then publishes them online. To get the content taken down, individuals have to pay a “de-publishing” fee — a practice that has been illegal in California since 2015. Becerra’s office says that over the course of three years, the site collected more than $64,000 from California residents and over $2.4 million nationwide.

Källa: Four men linked to have been charged with extortion

Apple sends Ireland $1.76 billion in first payment for back taxes

Back in 2016, the European Commission ordered Apple to pay Irelandaround 13 billion euros ($15.3 billion at current exchange rates) in back taxes. Apple had a special sweetheart deal with Ireland, which the commission ruled was illegal. Neither party was happy with this decision. Apple argued that the amount owed was miscalculated, while Ireland believed that the EU overstepped the bounds of its authority, but appeals so far have been unsuccessful. Now, according to Reuters, Apple has begun paying the owed back taxes.

Källa: Apple sends Ireland $1.76 billion in first payment for back taxes

Video: Long Term Delivery

A short comedy about a secret division of the United States Postal Service.

‘Long Term Delivery’ is this week’s Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here:

Directed by Jake Honig
Written by Jake Honig & Sandy Honig
Produced by Roxy Kurta

Starring: Peter Smith, Mitch Giannunzio, James Foster Jr., Marjorie Austrian, Harri Molese, Annie Donley, and Tasha Lawrence

Cinematographer: Conor Murphy
Production Designer: Anthony Taylor
Original Score: Ariel Loh
Executive Producer: Joseph J. DePasquale

Associate Producer: Pat Mullen
Unit Production Manager: Jake Ladehoff
Assistant Director: Mary Kerrigan
Script Supervisor: Christie Leitzell
Gaffer: Leo Purman
1st Assistant Camera: Isaac Berner
2nd Assistant Camera: Gabe Galvez
Key Grip: Pat Mullen
Additional Grip: Alejandro Lazare
Art Director: Chazz Foggie
Set Decorator: Brian Broderick
Sound Mixer: Max Mellman
Boom Operator: Nick Chirumbolo
Hair & Makeup: L. Bates Jaffe

Sound Design: Bobb Barito
Foley: Joanna Fang
Colorist: Matthew Greenberg
Color by: Irving Harvey

Special Thanks: The Phoenicia Diner, Samuel Gursky, Matthew James Reilly, John Kopec, Ben Klein, Maddie Pflug, Kristina Sokourenko, Matt Morgan, Zach Law, and Mary-Louise Parker.

A Yacht Club Production

Filmed on location in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.

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Bill Gates said Trump didn’t know the difference between HIV and HPV

Bill Gates has previously said President Donald Trump tried to hire him as the White House science adviser. A new clip of Gates talking about his first two meetings with Trump, obtained by MSNBC, may show why the tech innovator turned down the role.

Among other anecdotes, Gates is seen telling an audience about how, in both of his meetings with Trump, the president asked if there’s a difference between HIV and HPV. The crowd was of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation employees, according to MSNBC.

“He wanted to know if there was a difference between HPV and HIV,” Gates is seen saying, “so I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other.”

Källa: Bill Gates said Trump didn’t know the difference between HIV and HPV