Släpp Lightning-kontakten nu Apple!

Släpp Lightning-kontakten nu Apple!

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Det kommer en ny version av AirPods Pro senare i höst förtäljer rykten och det är inte oväntat. Däremot att det ser ut som att Apple envist håller fast vid Lightning-kontakten vilket gör att Apple håller fast vid principen att krångla till det för sina användare.

Jag har en iPhone 13 Pro Max – den använder en Lightning-kontakt.
Jag har en MacBook Pro 14 Pro – den använder USB-C.
Jag har en iPad Pro 12.9 – den använder USB-C.
Jag har ett par Beats Airbuds – de använder USB-C.
Jag har ett oar AirPods Pro Max – de använder Lightning-kontakt.

Det är här är dumheter Apple. Varför kan ni inte rätta in er i ledet och se till att använda samma kontakt som så många andra?

Nu kommer Apple högst sannolikt att tvingas att skrota Lightning-kontakten. 2023 kommer nya regler inom EU-området där handhållen elektronik måste ha en USB-C anslutning. Trots det så lär iPhone 14 och alltså nya AirPods Pro komma med Lightning-kontakten.

Adapter säger du?

Såklart, det löser ju problemet men varför ska jag behöva dra runt med en massa adaptrar om jag betalat drygt 15 000 kronor för min telefon?
Varför kan inte AirPods Pro ha en USB-C kontakt när Beats Airbuds kan ha det?

Släpp Lightning-kontakten nu Apple – gå över till USB-C!

Gratistipset: Håll koll på ditt nät med LanScan

Gratistipset: Håll koll på ditt nät med LanScan

Gratistipset: Håll koll på ditt nät med LanScan

Gratistipset: Håll koll på ditt nät med LanScan

LanScan är ett program för att scanna ditt lokala nät och kontrollera vilka som är anslutna. Programmet är gratis och du kan köpa till olika moduler och funktioner om du så önskar.

Har du ett lokalt nätt, spritt över flera rum, flera våningar så kan det vara smidigt att kunna se vad och vilka som är anslutna.

  • Auto-detection of configured interfaces: airport, Ethernet, virtual interfaces, etc.
  • Scan the IP range you like, from 1 IP to the whole IPv4 address space!
  • Scan your local network with ARP packets
  • Scan public IP network ranges with Ping / SMB / mDNS packets
  • Display the IP address, MAC address, hostname (4 max) and vendor associated
  • Discover the SMB domain if any configured
  • Hostname resolution: DNS, mDNS (Apple devices) and SMB (Windows devices)
  • Custom hostname edition
  • Custom comment for each device
  • Export results in CSV files
  • Hide/show each column
  • Align each column as you want
  • No limitation on the number of devices found

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What’s new in version 6.6.2

Updated on May 24 2022

  • Updated MAC addresses vendors


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.7 or later


Pokémon GO: Ikväll är det dags igen – Raid Hour

Pokémon GO: Ikväll är det dags igen – Raid Hour


Varje onsdag körs ett entimmes-event i spelet – Raid Hour och ikväll är det dags igen.

Onsdag 25 maj kl. 18.00 till 19.00 lokal tid kommer Tapu Bulu, Tapu Fini, Tapu Lele och Tapu Koko att dyka upp i 5-stjärniga raid för raid hour.

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Apple svarar på det öppna brevet gällande Final Cut Pro

Apple svarar på det öppna brevet gällande Final Cut Pro


Nyligen publicerades ett öppet brev, riktat till Apple och Tim Cook gällande Final Cut Pro och de farhågor som många professionella användare har runt Apples program för att redigera videor. Nu har Apple svarat på det öppna brevet.

Apple har gjort dramatiska förändringar i Final Cut Pro på senare år vilket lett till att många professionella användare vart att överge programmet och använda konkurrerande program. Det öppna brevet (se nedan) skrevs under av en lång rad tunga namn i branschen.

Apples svar

To the authors of the recent open letter regarding Final Cut Pro in the TV and film industry: the creative community has always been so important to us at Apple, and we’re grateful for your feedback.

There have been many compelling projects created to date with Final Cut Pro — from Hollywood movies and high-profile commercials, to major television shows and impressive work by the biggest names in online content creation.

While we believe we have plans in place to help address your important feature requests, we also recognize the need to build on those efforts and work alongside you to help support your film and TV projects and keep you posted on important updates. This includes taking the following steps:

  • Launching new training products and Apple-authorized certifications for pro video starting this month with our partner Future Media Concepts.
  • Establishing a panel of industry experts for regular consultations, starting this summer
  • Expanding the content and frequency of Final Cut Pro workshops for major film and television productions.

We would love to work with you to help support your film and TV projects, and we will continue to explore opportunities that allow us to better connect and foster important dialogue with our devoted community of users going forward.

Det öppna brevet

We the undersigned support the points made in the following open letter sent to Tim Cook of Apple:

Dear Tim Cook,

We are professionals working in Hollywood and other high-profile movie and TV markets all over the world. We are excited by Final Cut Pro. We think that it is the biggest leap forward in editing technology since the move to digital. We think it’s incredible.

We also think it’s incredible that some of us still can’t choose it to do our work. Work that could easily include productions for your very own Apple TV+ service.

Final Cut Pro is a wonderful application used by many YouTubers, education and small business content creators worldwide. We know why it is successful. It is liberating, efficient and fun to work with. But, unfortunately in professional film and TV, editors who use Final Cut Pro are a tiny minority.

We ask Apple to promote Final Cut Pro publicly and add the few remaining features that our industry has consistently stated are needed.

We’d love to see Apple publicly support and certify the suppliers of the third-party products and services we use to integrate Final Cut Pro into industry-standard workflows.

We welcome your forthcoming brand-new FCP Certification exams. We need more experienced film and TV production crew members who also know how to use Final Cut Pro.

We also hope to see Apple ensuring that improved Pro Apps support is widely available and that Final Cut Pro can also be bought through current industry suppliers. This is is essential for big productions to accept Final Cut Pro as legitimate.

If Apple renewed its public commitment to the professional filmmaking industry and its visionary product, we believe an increasing number of editors would discover the joys of using Final Cut Pro.

We hope you will start showing that Apple aims to make Final Cut Pro the best application for editing TV and movies. We believe that this could lead to a Pro Apps renaissance as pioneering as your amazing M1 Max MacBook Pros and the M1 Ultra Mac Studio.

It’s wonderful that Apple TV+ has become the first streaming platform to have a Best Picture Oscar winner with CODA, but it’s disappointing to know that Final Cut Pro is so unlikely to have been a possible choice as the film’s editing app.

We hope you will encourage our industry to see Final Cut Pro as a professional choice for editors of future award-winning TV shows and movies, and for millions more editors all over the world.

Thank you,

Apple to Launch Apple Watch ’Pride’ Edition and New Bands as Soon as This Week

Apple to Launch Apple Watch ’Pride’ Edition and New Bands as Soon as This Week


Apple will soon announce the launch of a new ”Pride” edition of the Apple Watch Series 7, along with a selection of new bands to celebrate Pride Month, based on information shared by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

Over the last four years, Apple has debuted new Apple Watch Pride bands in the month of May, and last year on May 25 the company launched a ”Pride Edition” Braided Solo Loop and Nike Sport Loop Apple Watch band, alongside a new Pride watch face.

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