Gratistipset: Ships 2018

Det här är den digitala varianten av klassiska Sänka Skepp

Gratis idag 8/4.

Two fleets meet in deadly opposition. Only the prudent mind and tactical skills of the best admiral can declare an unconditional victory. The ships conduct warfare by attacking blindly, filling all water area by means of shells. Such conditions create a practical boundless scope for tactics and strategy.
This is a mobile rendition of our classic childhood game Sea Battle. Sea Battle first appeared in paper form in the remaining 30 years of the last century. Considered as one of the most popular then and to this day.
Now this ageless classic is realized in a new way for mobile platforms. Rules are simple and easy to follow. On a game field each player has ships, from foreboding battle ships to small boats. Opponents in turn fire across the field of the opponent, clicking on the corresponding boxes that represent the open waters. The victory is won by the admiral who sinks the last ship of the enemy.
On the game board each player arranges their own ships. They cast shells blindly into the open waters hoping to score a hit on the opponent’s ships. Victory is awarded to the admiral who sinks the most ships of their opponent.
Hint: Double press on a ship to change its direction.

Ships 2018

Russia Readies Telegram Ban After App Refused to Hand Over Encryption Keys to FSB

Roskomnadzor, Russia’s telecommunications watchdog, has filed today a lawsuit against instant messaging app Telegram, asking a Moscow court to rule in favor of restricting access to the service inside Russia’s borders.
Today’s Roskomnadzor lawsuit is related to years-long of legal battles between Telegram and Russian authorities.

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TED: Så får vi bättre politiska diskussioner

Robb Willer studies the forces that unite and divide us. As a social psychologist, he researches how moral values — typically a source of division — can also be used to bring people together.

Willer shares compelling insights on how we might bridge the ideological divide and offers some intuitive advice on ways to be more persuasive when talking politics.

Apple updates Final Cut Pro X with ProRes RAW support, closed captioning tools

Facebook has released an update that’s supposed to counter the proliferation of fake news. If this song sounds familiar, it’s because it’s not the first time the social media company has sung it.
The difference this time is that the tool takes a slightly more personal approach. Unlike previous features that have populated a counter argument as a ‘read more’ or put flags against possible fake news, this new feature allows you to learn more about where the story has been shared and who has shared it.

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FBI slår till mot

Flera amerikanska myndigheter, ledda av FBI, har slagit till mot webbplatsen och beslagtagit domänen och stoppat verksamheten. är, eller snarare var, en annonsplats som användes för sexhandel. De ansvariga bakom misstänks för sexhandel, för delaktighet i trafficking och för delaktighet i utnyttjande av barn.


Webbplatsen har varit fylld med annonser från prostituerade som i många fall publicerats av deras hallickar.

“Shutting down the largest online U.S. marketplace for sex trafficking will dramatically reduce the profitability of forcing people into the commercial sex trade, at least in the short term,” said Bradley Myles, chief executive of Polaris, an international anti-slavery group that runs the National Human Trafficking Hotline.


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