Edward Snowden: Hans avslöjande skakade en hel värld

Edward Snowden: Hans avslöjande skakade en hel värld

Edward Snowden satt inne i det allra heligaste. Han hade tillgång till topphemlig övervakningsutrustning och hans jobb var att övervaka, kartlägga och samla in information på uppdrag av den amerikanska och den brittiska underrättelsetjänsten.

Hans avslöjande slog ned som en bomb. Det stod nu klart att övervakningen befann sig på en grotesk nivå, långt mer omfattande än vad som framkommit tidigare. Enorma mängder data samlades in, telefonsamtal, meddelanden, e-post och SMS. Idag lever Edward Snowden, 36, i Moskva, Ryssland, dit han lyckades att fly undan efter det att han lämnat över stora mängder bevis till ledande nyhetsmedier.

The Guardian har gjort en två timmar lång intervju med världens mest kända visselblåsare.

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Lästipset: The Bonkers Story of Travis Kalanick’s Downfall

Uber told investors last month that it had lost $5.2 billion in the second quarter, a record loss for a company that has never been profitable even as its ride-hail app has reshaped how many cities work. As it ballooned into a unicorn while bringing millions of riders and drivers onto its platform, Uber became embroiled in just about every kind of scandal possible in today’s tech industry: privacy invasionssexual harassment, a toxic bro cultureintellectual property lawsuits, mistreatment of gig workers. In 2017, co-founder Travis Kalanick was finally ousted as CEO.

The new book Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, by New York Times technology reporter Mike Isaac, chronicles this pileup of scandals in rubbernecking detail. It’s an account of the company’s founding, its rapid rise, and the careening troubles that led to an investor-led putsch against Kalanick.

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Lästipset: Priset för Amazons snabba leveranser kan vara döden

The Cost of Next-Day Delivery: How Amazon Escapes The Blame For Its Deadly Last Mile

Amazon’s Next-Day Delivery System Has Brought Chaos And Carnage To America’s Streets — But The World’s Biggest Retailer Has A System To Escape The Blame

Deaths and devastating injuries. A litany of labor violations. Drivers forced to urinate in their vans. Here is how Amazon’s gigantic, decentralized, next-day delivery network brought chaos, exploitation, and danger to communities across America.

Valdimar Gray was delivering packages for Amazon at the height of the pre-Christmas rush when his three-ton van barreled into an 84-year-old grandmother, crushing her diaphragm, shattering several ribs, and fracturing her skull.

“Oh my God!” screamed Gray as he leaped out of his van. It was a bright, clear afternoon on December 22, 2016, and the 29-year-old had been at the wheel of the white Nissan since early that morning, racing to drop Amazon packages on doorsteps throughout Chicago. He stood in anguish next to Telesfora Escamilla as she lay dying, her blood pooling on the pavement just three blocks from her home. After the police arrived, Gray submitted to drug and alcohol tests, which came up clean. He would later be charged with reckless homicide.


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Lästipset: När hörde du ett modem susa senast?

Jag kände exakt igen ljudet när ett US Robotics kopplade upp sig och jag hörde skillnad på  vilken typ av uppkoppling det var och vilket protokoll som användes. Modemet lät olika beroende hur det kopplade upp sig och jag visste också när en uppkoppling inte lyckades.

The Guardian har skrivit en krönika om datorljuden spm nu är på väg att försvinna.

The first time I ever put a ​5¼-inch disk into an Apple II drive to play Lode Runner, I was hooked. It seemed wildly futuristic – this was in the early 1980s – but there was also something pleasingly analogue about the process. You had to slide the disc from its sleeve like a vinyl record, then gently feed it into the mouth of the drive, before closing the little plastic door behind it with a satisfying click.

The loading noise was a stuttering series of electronic snare drum taps, accompanied by the baseline hum of the computer itself. There was something almost organic about it, like a CT scan or ultrasound. To me it seemed incredible that typing something on a screen could cause the disk to start loading, as though I was talking to the computer, and the clicking noise only accentuated this feeling of communication.

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Lästipset: Trump Has Defected

Yesterday, President Donald Trump canceled a meeting with the new Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, because she refuses to discuss the sale of Greenland. Greenland used to be a Danish colony but now belongs to the people of Greenland—the Danish government could not sell the island even if it wanted to. Trump likely did not know that Denmark is one of America’s most reliable allies. Danish troops, for example, fought alongside U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and suffered 50 fatalities, and Danish forces were among the earliest to join the fight against the Islamic State.

Many Americans may laugh off Trump’s latest outrage, but Trump crossed an important line. It is one thing to float a cockamamie idea that no one believes is serious or will go anywhere. “Let’s buy Greenland!” Yes, very funny. A good distraction from the economy, the failure to deal with white supremacy, White House staff problems, or whatever is the news of the day. It is quite another to use leverage and impose costs on Denmark in pursuit of that goal—and make no mistake, canceling a presidential visit is using leverage and imposing costs.

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Lästipset: The Guardian testar PowerBeats Pro

Beats PowerBeats Pro review: Apple’s fitness AirPods rock

Bluetooth earbuds have long battery life, rock-solid connectivity and stay firmly planted on your ear.

The PowerBeats Pro are Apple-owned Beats’ first true wireless Bluetooth earbuds that cut the cable and seek to be the ultimate running and gym earphones.

As with Apple’s original AirPods, which looked like a set of the firm’s standard EarPods with the cables cut off, the £220 PowerBeats Pro are basically the firm’s popular PowerBeats 3 neckband Bluetooth earbuds without the cables joining the pair.

That includes the signature ear hook, which tucks behind the top of your ear to hold the earbuds in place. As such the PowerBeats Pro are neither small nor subtle. They come in black, but also a series of attractive colours such as a dark green. Still, if you were looking for a discreet set of earbuds you’ll need to look elsewhere.

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