När Apples gardin går ned

Du har kunnat prata arbete med din gode vän i fler år. Ni har pratat arbete, vad ni gör, bygger och utvecklar. Sedan börjar din goda vän att jobba på Apple och gardinen går ned.

Nu blir det tyst, om jobbet. Din goda vän delar inte med sig, berättar inte – inte ens om du frågar mer direkt. Gardinen har gått ned.

Another friend of mine at Apple, who worked in an area relevant to some trouble we were having with NetNewsWire, wanted to look at the source code – and they had to go ask permission before they could even look.

I understand! I understand why Apple PR and legal departments are the way they are. But I still feel a loss to the community every time somebody I know goes to work at Apple.

There’s a curtain between us and them. Colorful, well-designed, made by lasers — but still a curtain.

Brent Simmons

Vad gör du när du ständigt attackeras av landets president?

Vad gör du när du ständigt attackeras av landets president?

Hon heter Lisa Page är före detta advokat inom FBI. Hon är den Lisa Page som skickade meddelanden till FBI-agenten Peter Strzok som ibland citeras av Donald och som tas som att det existerar en konspiration mot honom och hans administration. Peter Strzok, Lisa Page och deras meddelanden har blivit politiska slagträn.

Lisa Page har inte givit några intervjuer, inte kommenterat alla Trumps uttalanden och påhopp – i två år – men när presidenten spelade ut en orgasm inför sina anhängare i oktober i år så fick Lisa Page nog. Det var hennes orgasm som landets president spelade upp.

“I had stayed quiet for years hoping it would fade away, but instead it got worse,” she says. “It had been so hard not to defend myself, to let people who hate me control the narrative. I decided to take my power back.”

The Daily Beast

Donald Trump har upprepade gånger hävdat att han avlyssnats, att FBI konspirerat mot honom – utan att kunna prestera att enda bevis. Donald Trump har öppet anklagat Barack Obama för att ha beordrat övervakningen som han påstår ska ha pågått under hela presidentvalskampanjen 2016. FBI har också utrett anklagelserna utan att kunna hitta bevis vare sig för att en konspiration eller att Trump övervakats. FBIs utredning har avfärdats av Trump som en partsinlaga och han har upprepade gånger anklagat Lisa Page och Peter Strzok för att ha haft ett förhållande, vilket är korrekt, och för att ha konspirerat mot honom, vilket det alltså inte finns några bevis för.

The Daily Best har intervjuat Lisa Page och om en situation där hon anklagas, förolämpas och påstås ha begått brott under sin tid på FBI.

The Daily Beast

Why can’t Internet companies stop awful content?

For the first two decades of the commercial Internet, we celebrated the Internet as one of society’s greatest inventions. After all, the Internet has led to truly remarkable outcomes: it has helped overthrow repressive political regimes, made economic markets more efficient, created safe spaces for otherwise marginalized communities to find their voices, and led to the most exquisite cat videos ever seen.

But in the last few years, public perceptions of the Internet have plummeted. We’ve lost trust in the Internet giants, who seem to have too much power and make missteps daily. We also are constantly reminded of all of the awful and antisocial ways that people interact with each other over the Internet. We are addicted to the Internet—but we don’t really love it any more.

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Lästipset: Två löner, tre barn men inget hem – de bor i bilen

De höga priserna för bostäder i södra Kalifornien har lett till att inte ens familjer med två löner hittar någonstans att bo. Barnfamiljer tvingas att bo i sina bilar.

En helt ny typ av hemlöshet sprider sig – familje med inkomster som borde räcka till men som inte gör det.

3 kids. 2 paychecks. No home.

”It seemed like we’d failed.”

Frankie’s morning started before the sun came up, as the steadily increasing volume of his parents’ phone alarm, coming from somewhere near the dashboard, jolted the 8-year-old awake. His dad, Candido, and 6-year-old brother, Josephat, had begun to stir in the cramped rear of the minivan, emerging from a tangle of blankets, towels, pillows, and stuffed animals. His mom, Brenda, was in the driver’s seat, which was reclined as far back as it could go; his baby sister, Adelene, who was 3, was splayed out awkwardly on the seat beside her. As for Frankie, he was in his usual spot: nestled on the floorboard between the front seats and middle row, his skinny 4-foot frame hidden in a furry green-and-brown sleeping bag meant to look like a grizzly bear.

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Samantha’s Journey Into the Alt-Right, and Back

How does a once progressive young person go down the rabbit hole of the alt-right to embrace an ideology of hate? Samantha said that she wasn’t a racist—she had once canvassed for Barack Obama—but soon after joining Identity Evropa she found herself rubbing shoulders with the neo-Nazi organizer Richard Spencer and chanting “seig heil.” When she left the group, she contacted the reporter Andrew Marantz to tell her story. Plus, the actress, comedian, and writer Jenny Slate talks about clothing, and the tension between being a feminist and looking feminine.

How did one woman go from canvassing for Obama to carrying a tiki torch in Charlottesville? A former white nationalist explains how she got in, and out, of the movement.

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Lästips: Software bugs have become Apple’s greatest vulnerability

Reports of bugs have plagued many of Apple’s software releases this fall, from iOS 13 to iPadOS to macOS Catalina. Even the HomePod received an update that resulted in some of the smart speakers becoming unresponsive, causing Apple to temporarily pull the release while it fixed the problem.

Bugs, of course, are not the sole province of the folks from Cupertino, but this year has seemed particularly bad, especially when compared with the relatively stable release of iOS 12 in the fall of 2018. It’s led to many calls for Apple to rethink its software strategies and to spend more time squashing bugs than implementing new features.

This week, a report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple is taking steps in that direction, making changes to its software development practices that will help bring more stability to early builds of the software. But there’s more that could be done to help improve users’ experiences with Apple software, and internal changes are just one component.

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