NHL utökas nu med ett lag till – Seattle Kraken och ESPN har historien om hur laget fick sitt namn.

Kraken, ett undervattensmonster ger onekligen en grym slogan ”Relase the Kraken” och det var faktiskt ett skäl till att laget heter det laget nu heter:

When NHL Seattle first installed signage on its downtown office in 2018, employees arrived at work the next morning to a surprise.

Stuck to the door was a Post-it note with a handwritten message: ”Release the Kraken.”

”That may have been the first time I heard or thought of ’Kraken,'” said Heidi Dettmer, the team’s vice president of marketing. ”But throughout this whole process, it’s been a rallying cry for fans. We heard it everywhere. It’s what kept coming up over and over again.”

The NHL awarded Seattle an expansion franchise in 2018, and ever since, fans have obsessed over the name, color, logo and branding — even though the team won’t debut until the 2021-22 season. Since Seattle has had ample time, the process has been meticulous, but it also needed to be secretive (think shadow web domains, using a firm from Hawai’i to do domain registrations to throw off the scent and plenty of non-disclosure agreements).


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