25230iStat Menues är ett program som håller reda på hur din dator mår, hur den jobbar och vilka resurser som går åt, i realtid.

Programmet placerar sig uppe i menyn efter installation och visar en hel del statistik om din Mac.

What’s New in iStat Menus

Version 6.20:

  • Support for 2018 MacBookPros.
  • Process memory reporting.
  • Weather interface.
  • Interface for macOS 10.14 Mojave.
  • Resource usage.
  • EGPU support.
  • Localizations.
  • Default units in Weather extra.
  • Internet status checker to use instead of google.com.
  • Ability to change dropdown section header text color.
  • Ability to have multiple GPU items in menubar to allow processor and memory items simultaneously.
  • ISS tracker to light map in time dropdown.
  • An option to control if purgeable space is hidden is disk space reporting.
  • An option to hide decimal places for temperatures in weather dropdown.
  • Optional disk icons to Disks dropdown.
  • Some issues with importing a settings file from version 5.
  • Some issues with GPU selection for menubar GPU modes.
  • Some issues with dropdown positioning.
  • An issue with menubar labels on non-Retina screens.
  • An issue with fuzzy clock in Time dropdown using wrong timezone.
  • Some issues with memory notifications not being shown.
  • An issue with Bluetooth icons missing in the menubar for Logitech devices.
  • A timezone issue on dual line menubar clocks.
Requirements for iStat Menus
  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later

iStat Menues

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