Video: Poor Cherries


directed by jimmy marble
written by jimmy marble and forrest perrine
produced by vacation theory and mmmiracle, inc sage price, anabella casanova, and jesse marble
starring katerina tannenbaum and nika de carlo
dp drew bienenman
production design sean genrich
styilng shirley kurata
hmu stephanie nicole smith

edited by kenneth casey swoyer
titles by ashley meaders
color by color collective

classical songs by mark yaeger
reggae songs by jeffrey brodsky

Apple förlorar budgivning om JJ Abrams nya tv-serie

Apple förlorade dragkampen om JJ Abrams nya tv-serie. Det blir istället HBO som kommer att producera och visa science-fiction serien.

HBO och Apple uppges ha varit inblandade i budgivning för att få rättigheterna till tv-serien.

The project was the subject of a bidding war between HBO and Apple. Details of the plot are still being kept under tight wraps, but the title of the series is “Demimonde.”  It is described as an epic and intimate sci-fi fantasy drama that deals with a world’s battle against a monstrous, oppressive force.


Det finns inga uppgifter om sändningsdatum ännu.

Mossberg om Apples kvartalsrapport

Han kan fortfarande fast han slutat att skriva krönikor om Apple och tekniksektorn, Walt Mossberg

Kortfattat, mitt i prick hittar mossberg det som så många andra krönikörer helt missat.



Gratistipset: Moody – Daily Mood Tracker

Gratistipset: Moody – Daily Mood Tracker

Gratistipset: Moody - Daily Mood Tracker

Gratistipset: Moody – Daily Mood Tracker

Moody är en liten app för att hålla reda på vilket humör du är på.

Gratis idag 3/2

How were you feeling last week? What was your mood last September? It’s usually hard to remember your mood, but Moody is here to help you.

Whether you are recovering from a depression, suffer from bipolar disorder or just want to be aware and improve your mood, Moody helps you keep track of your day to day mood and write notes to keep a mood journal of your life.

By tracking your moods, you can find:
– How changes in medication are affecting you
– How monthly hormonal changes (for women) are affecting your mood
– The impact of lifestyle changes on mood
– How life events affect your mood
– How stress affects mood
– How sleep impacts mood
– How season changes impact mood
… And thousands of other interesting facts!



Video: Kinesisk kortfilm inspelad med iPhone X

Filmen Three Minutes är en kinesisk kortfilm inspelad helt och hållet med iPhone X.

Filmen handlar om det kinesiska nyåret en tid på året då kinesiska familjer återsamlas.

If your family reunion only lasts three minutes, what will you do?
A unique Chinese New Year story shot on iPhone X by director Peter Chan.