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Yesterday we had a serious incident with one of our databases. We lost six hours of database data (issues, merge requests, users, comments, snippets, etc.) for Git/wiki repositories and self hosted installations were not affected. Losing production data is unacceptable and in a few days we’ll post the 5 why’s of why this happened and a list of measures we will implement.

Update 6:14pm UTC: is back online

As of time of writing, we’re restoring data from a six-hour-old backup of our database. This means that any data between 5:20pm UTC and 11:25pm UTC from the database (projects, issues, merge requests, users, comments, snippets, etc.) is lost by the time is live again.

Git data (repositories and wikis) and self-hosted instances of GitLab are not affected.


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En verktygslåda för nätet

En verktygslåda för nätet

En verktygslåda för nätet

En verktygslåda för nätet

Net_Toolkit är precis det namnet säger – en verktygslåda för nätet, internet och/eller ditt lokala nät.

Gratis idag 22/1.

Net Toolkit is what every network engineer needs in their software arsenal. Net Toolkit caters specifically to network engineers that need specialized tools during day to day engagements. Net Toolkit is an active product and we plan on adding additional tools based on network engineers feedback.

Current Net Toolkit Tools:
1 – Access List Builder
Access List builder allows you to visually build access-lists for Cisco IOS® and Cisco IOS-XE®. Build validated Cisco® standard and extended access-lists quickly and with ease.

2 – My Geolocation Information
How many times have you been onsite and wondered what your public IP address is, which provider you are using, and what is the autonomous system number? My Geolocation provides you this information along with the latitude/longitude coordinates.

3 – Search Host Geolocation
Easily search any IPv4 address or hostname for provider and geolocation information. Find the hostname, physical location, latitude/longitude, and provide autonomous system number.

4 – Subnet Calculator
The Subnet calculator has been designed to offer many user-friendly features.

5 – Whois Lookup Tool
Need to find a domain’s public IP range, assigned CIDR blocks, or autonomous system number? Have one-click easy access to any subnet’s Whois information quickly and with a stylistic view.


Plex enables voice control of media via Alexa – Six Colors

Plex enables voice control of media via Alexa - Six Colors

Plex enables voice control of media via Alexa – Six Colors


Even though I’ve been waiting for the much-anticipated Sonos-Alexa integration, it hadn’t occurred to me that I could be using my Amazon Echo in conjunction with other media. So today’s announcement by Plex that it was rolling out an Alexa skill allowing control of your media library took me by surprise. So I fired it up and quickly ran it through its paces. The verdict? Definitely shows some promise—though it’s hampered by a few limitations, not all of which are under Plex’s control.

The Plex skill is definitely one of the more complex third-party features I’ve used. First you have to enable it, then log in to your Plex account, then authorize Alexa to access your Plex account. But wait, there’s more! After that, you have to set both your default server and player. The latter was where I ran into my first hiccup: I intended to set my Apple TV as the default player, but at first it wasn’t detected—presumably because the set-top box was asleep. But eventually after waking it up and opening the Plex app (and opening the Plex app on my iPhone and on the web), I was finally able to set the Apple TV as my default player.

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Facebook shows no sign of stopping, now has 1.86 billion users

Facebook shows no sign of stopping, now has 1.86 billion users

Facebook shows no sign of stopping, now has 1.86 billion users


Facebook is under quite a bit of pressure of late. It’s trying to fix the rise of fake news and clickbait on its News Feed and, more recently, it’s had to deal with the Zenimax lawsuit against Oculus. But all of that hasn’t eaten into Facebook’s bottom line. As its Q4 2016 earnings report shows, the company once again raked in cash hand over fist, with $8.8 billion in revenue and $3.56 billion in profit. Its user growth also continues to climb, with 1.86 billion monthly users and 1.74 billion logging in on mobile. Mobile advertising made up 84 percent of its revenue last quarter.

Those numbers are pretty good when you look at daily users too. The company reports that 1.23 billion people use Facebook everyday, with 1.15 billion doing so from mobile devices. Still, the growth is only up 3.91 percent from last quarter, which is slightly slower than the 4.67 percent reported a few months ago. Also, while $8.8 billion is certainly a hefty amount, it’ll lose around $500 million due to the Zenimax lawsuit payoutannounced earlier today.

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Vatten, vi behöver vatten

Vatten, vi behöver vatten

Vatten, vi behöver vatten

Vi behöver vatten och vätska, dagligen och Waterminder är en app för att hålla freda på hur mycket du dricker, har druckit och bör dricka.

Gratis idag 31/1.

Loved by thousands of users all over the World.

Get help with WaterMinder®, an easy, intuitive app to track your water intake. Based on your body weight (or your personal goal), WaterMinder® will remind you to drink water to reach your daily goals. By seeing current water fill visually and in percents you will instantly know how well you are hydrated!

“This app has changed my life. I never think of drinking water and often end up dehydrated. Thanks to the watch complication I’m always aware of how much is left to drink and filling the ring has become a game to me. This is the app I use most on Apple Watch. The difference with other apps in the category? The app stayed simple and not bloated with unnecessary stuff, the watch complication is a circle which fits perfectly next to the activity rings. This app is exactly what an Apple Watch app should be: fast, simple, useful, good looking, and upon all not doing too much. Five stars is the least you deserve!”

“A must have – I love this app!!! It reminds me to drink water all day with such a hectic schedule I forget sometimes and this is just a little reminder of how much water you’re supposed to drink my skin looks better I feel better must have app!!!”

“Went beyond my expectations – Usually I download these apps and they hardly ever have long shelf life’s, but this app is a keeper. The reminder really helps and motivates me to drink water. I also love how visual the accomplishment is. Definitely worth looking into and happily satisfied.”

“PERFECT – I absolutely love this app!!!! It really helps if you have kidney problems. I was having bad kidney pains because I wasn’t sure how much water to drink in a day so I was only getting about 1/2 if what I was supposed to be getting until now. To the creators., THANK YOU”

“Amazing App! – This is an amazing app. I’m someone who has trouble remembering to drink fluids during the day, I’m more of a snacker. But I found this really helpful since I’m generally dehydrated. I like that it has reminders & how you can see your progress.”

“Awesome -Great for the breast feeding mom.”

“Great app – Clean and simple!”

“Love this – Super simple and easy to use, FANTASTIC way to keep up with your hydration, which is oh so important. Plus cool facts to keep you informed and further motivated. Thanks guys!!!”
Keeping track of your daily water intake needs and making sure your body is well hydrated is not an easy task in todays busy world. Let WaterMinder® help you!
??? Main Features ???
? Clean visual view of your current water fill
? Simple, quick and easy to use interface (just tap on 1 icon and a menu opens with your options to log/track your water intake)
? Pre-defined cups for quick tracking
? Create custom cups
? Create unlimited custom reminders
? History and Graph, see your progress
? Badge icon displaying your goal or current water fill
? US oz, UK oz and ML units
? Free guide to drinking water

Stay healthy, and drink more water – hydrate yourself!

Note: HealthKit integration is to capture weight, gender and date of birth as well as share Water data to Apple Health app.

NOTE: WaterMinder is not a medical app. Suggested water intake goal is just an estimate based on your weight. Please consult your health provider if you want to use it for medical purposes or to obtain specific hydration needs.


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