Security News This Week: ‘Bulletproof’ Criminal VPN Taken Down in Global Sting

Safe-Inet, VPN, skulle var ett säkert, absolut säkert sätt att dölja sina aktiviteter ute på nätet och VPN-lösningen blev snabbt populär bland kriminella. Tisdagen före julhelgen slog Eurpol till tillsammans med en rad polismyndigheter. Wired har hela historien.

AS 2020 COMES to a close, it is perhaps only fitting that the US government and private sector are both scrambling to grasp and mitigate the fallout of a massive hacking spree widely attributed to Russia. There will be more news to come about the SolarWinds supply chain attack and possible other elements of the extensive campaign, but in the meantime officials, security practitioners, and researchers are all puzzling over questions of where to draw the line on global espionage and how to deter destructive and otherwise unacceptable hacking.

To understand where things stand today, it’s important to take a look back at the Trump administration’s approach to cybersecurity policy, its merits (some of them accidental), and its shortcomings. Read on below for president-elect Joe Biden’s first substantive commentary on how his administration may approach the increasingly crucial, yet tricky, question of how to enforce effective global norms in cyberspace.


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