Animal Crossing är nästa stora, förväntade spelsucce´för Nintendo Switch. Nintnedolife har spelat och recenserat.

Spelet finns tillgängligt i Nintendos eShop och hos spelhandlare.

Back when – what feels like forever ago – we found out that a new Animal Crossing game would be coming to Switch, we were told basically diddly squat about the whole thing, but excitement ensued nonetheless. As time went by and we learnt more and more about it, the hype reached ever higher rungs on the big ladder of development, only hindered slightly by a delay of an undisclosed number of months. Previews came and went, and frankly, we weren’t certain such an intolerable fever could happen over a game without ‘Mario’ or ‘Zelda’ in the title, but here we are; with expectations verging on the impossible and justifiable impatience about to become legal tender, can the proverbial skills of Animal Crossing: New Horizons pay the bills?

Much like every other Animal Crossing game, you arrive fresh-faced in a town that’s seen better days. Unlike every other Animal Crossing game, the town isn’t really there yet, and it’s basically all down to you to fund a tycoon racoon’s mad obsession with Bells, and maybe make your island into a town in the process. This time you’re also able to actually choose how your character looks, rather than being asked a series of seemingly arbitrary questions by a cat of no fixed abode in order to determine your genetic makeup. You’re also under no obligation to keep the face you’ve chosen, and every single choice you make when crafting your character – from your hair colour right down to rosy cheeks – is immediately rectifiable with any sort of mirror or vanity you can get your globular hands on. It seems basic by modern standards, but credit where credit’s due and all that.

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