Spela kort med en liten djävul

Spela kort med en liten djävul

Spite är ett kortspel för din iPhone med en tvist, en liten djävul.

Gratis idag 15/12

Spite & Malice, the fiendishly addictive father of Skip-Bo™
The competition is heating up with new turn-based online multiplayer! Spite & Malice supports up to 30 games with friends or random opponents at a time. Play on the go, and receive a notification when it’s your turn to be devious!
Race your opponent to play cards from your pile. Block your opponent when you can. Play now and unleash your inner Spite!
Awesome Features:
-Play online with up to 30 friends or opponents at the same time
-Show you’re a pro by earning all 34 achievements
-Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards
-Single player has three levels of deviousness (easy, medium, and hard)
-Personalize your cards and background
-More ways to play: online, turn-based, peer to peer, and pass and play multiplayer
-Full iOS 9 optimization for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro!
Customer Reviews:
“This game is addictive. I have deleted it twice because I was getting eye strain but I keep re-installing it”
“I can’t put it down, and it’s been about a week…”
“Super addicting and just plain fun.”


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