Mitt i direktsändning och rapporterande om en löpartävling slår en av löparna reportern i baken.

Mannen har nu identifierats och han har anmält sig själv till polisen.

A runner who slapped a reporter’s butt on live television as she was covering a race in Georgia last weekend was arrested Friday on a misdemeanor charge of sexual battery. Thomas Callaway, 43, was arrested after turning himself in and was released on a $1,300 bond, police confirmed.

Callaway is accused of slapping reporter Alex Bozarjian’s butt as she was reporting at the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run for NBC affiliate WSAV-TV. He was running at the event and his action, as well as Bozarjian’s stunned reaction, quickly went viral. Bozarjian later filed a sexual battery report with the Savannah Police Department. The report says she “described the smack as a ‘smack and grab,’ advising that he also grabbed her buttocks in the same motion. She stated she felt a sharp sting after the smack and advised that it caused her to pause during the broadcast.”

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