De höga priserna för bostäder i södra Kalifornien har lett till att inte ens familjer med två löner hittar någonstans att bo. Barnfamiljer tvingas att bo i sina bilar.

En helt ny typ av hemlöshet sprider sig – familje med inkomster som borde räcka till men som inte gör det.

3 kids. 2 paychecks. No home.

”It seemed like we’d failed.”

Frankie’s morning started before the sun came up, as the steadily increasing volume of his parents’ phone alarm, coming from somewhere near the dashboard, jolted the 8-year-old awake. His dad, Candido, and 6-year-old brother, Josephat, had begun to stir in the cramped rear of the minivan, emerging from a tangle of blankets, towels, pillows, and stuffed animals. His mom, Brenda, was in the driver’s seat, which was reclined as far back as it could go; his baby sister, Adelene, who was 3, was splayed out awkwardly on the seat beside her. As for Frankie, he was in his usual spot: nestled on the floorboard between the front seats and middle row, his skinny 4-foot frame hidden in a furry green-and-brown sleeping bag meant to look like a grizzly bear.

Källa: 3 kids. 2 paychecks. No home.

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