Apple is determined to win as as many tariff exemptions as it can, it seems. The White House has confirmed that President Trump will visit Apple’s Mac Pro factory in Austin, Texas on November 20th, backing up rumors of an impending tour. It’s not clear if Tim Cook or other Apple executives will be present (we’ve asked Apple for details), but it wouldn’t be surprising given the optics. Apple wants to be seen as having the Trump administration’s support, while Trump wants to be seen supporting American jobs.

For Apple, though, there’s an extra level of urgency. The next big round of US tariffs on China is poised to take effect on December 15th, and it could easily raise the costs of selling phones, laptops, monitors and other mainstays of Apple’s product lineup. A tour like this might help Apple persuade Trump to offer exemptions or otherwise alter the tariffs to keep costs down.

Källa: President Trump will visit Apple’s Mac Pro factory on November 20th

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