The House Judiciary Committee har begärt in dokument från flera av de stora amerikanska teknikbolagen, Apple, Amazon, Google och Facebook i en utredning som rör eventuell överträdelse av de amerikanska konkurrenslagarna.

Bolagen har nu till den 14 oktober på sig att skicka in de begärda dokumenten och informationen. Det har inte riktats några anklagelser eller misstankar mot något av bolagen utan det handlar om att The House Judiciary Committee först vill se om det finns grund för några misstankar.

Broadly speaking, the subcommittee wants to understand whether Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google engaged in anti-competitive practices and whether the executives at those companies knew what was happening. To that end, many of the document requests are related to past mergers. In the case of Facebook, for instance, the company was asked to share documents in which Mark Zuckerberg may have talked about rivals such as Vine and Snapchat, in addition to information that details the leadup to the company’s acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook was also asked to detail its relationship with third-party developers. Meanwhile, the request to Google asks the company to share information related to 24 products and services, including YouTube and Waze. As with all the other requests, the company has been asked to provide emails that detail many of its acquisitions. Each of the four companies was also asked to share records related to ”any prior investigation” they may have been subject to.