Samsung har under en loping rad av år hånat Applöe för att Apple plockat bort hörlursuttaget i iPhone. Nu när Samsung själva gjort samma sak så försöker Samsung radera gamla reklamfilmer och annonser.

Samsung har I tysthet raderat en hel reklamkampanj, ”Growing Up”:

Business Insider found that the ad had been removed from the Samsung Mobile USA page, which has nearly 1.8 million subscribers. It is also not available on the main Samsung channel, which has 3.8 million followers. You can still see the Samsung Mobile USA YouTube page that hosted the ad via the internet archive Wayback Machine.

A follow-up to the ”Growing Up” ad released in May 2018 has also disappeared from Samsung YouTube channels. It means articles written about the two ads when they were released (such as thesetwo stories on The Verge) now feature dead YouTube embeds.

Business Insider

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