Uppgifter som påstås komma från en före detta anställd inom Foxconn har satt fart på rykteskarusellen gällande de nya, kommande modellerna av iPhone.

Uppgifterna kommer ursprungligen från ett kinesiskt forum:

the leak is from a user in Chinese Forum. He said he used to be a member of Foxconn but quit recently.

  1. The battery of MAX version is 3969 mAh

2 . A total of 4 colors, black, white gold and New dark green, and the back glass has a matte texture. He thinks black and green are the two best looking colors.

3 .5v1a charger remains the same.

4. The three back lens are real.

5. There is no change in the front panel, and the mute button has no change.

6. 64 256 512 storage.

7. The iphone logo under Apple LOGO has disappeared.

8. Guanlan factory and Longhua Ankang factory are fully preparing for the dark green version, this is the most beautiful color this year.

9. double-layer motherboard.

10. lightning interface. No type-c.

11. The material of the Rounded Rectangle area around the triple lens are the same with the back shell , how ever the three lens have even more thickness than the rectangle area.

12. cancelled 3d-touch and thus less screen thickness.

13. no in-screen fingerprint scanner.

14.no updates in SE-line.

15. the facial-recognition parts seems to be the same as XS-generation, Judging from Part number.

16. There is a specail coating in the Circular Rectangle area around the camera. for better visual integrity.

17.TAPTIC Engine remains the same size, however internally changed or not remains uncertain.

19. the dark green color seems like Sony Z5.

20. The Camera have improved agressively. 12Mp but new sensor. the triple camera will work in coordination in r/G/B mode.

21.new 10.2 inch ipad will release soon and replace 2018 9.7 inch ipad

22. ipad pro should be later.


Det kanske mest intressanta, och det nya, är att det kommer en ny färg, en mörkt grönt färg. Mycket av det som finns med på listan i övrigt är sådant som redan snurrat ett par varv i karusellen.

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