Jag kände exakt igen ljudet när ett US Robotics kopplade upp sig och jag hörde skillnad på  vilken typ av uppkoppling det var och vilket protokoll som användes. Modemet lät olika beroende hur det kopplade upp sig och jag visste också när en uppkoppling inte lyckades.

The Guardian har skrivit en krönika om datorljuden spm nu är på väg att försvinna.

The first time I ever put a ​5¼-inch disk into an Apple II drive to play Lode Runner, I was hooked. It seemed wildly futuristic – this was in the early 1980s – but there was also something pleasingly analogue about the process. You had to slide the disc from its sleeve like a vinyl record, then gently feed it into the mouth of the drive, before closing the little plastic door behind it with a satisfying click.

The loading noise was a stuttering series of electronic snare drum taps, accompanied by the baseline hum of the computer itself. There was something almost organic about it, like a CT scan or ultrasound. To me it seemed incredible that typing something on a screen could cause the disk to start loading, as though I was talking to the computer, and the clicking noise only accentuated this feeling of communication.

The Guardian


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