The notorious Mydoom email worm, considered to be one of the most damaging malware strains ever developed, is still doing rounds on the Internet, working on autopilot and actively targeting email users all over the world.

Mydoom (also known as Novarg, Mimail, and Shimg) is a malware family known to be active since at least 2004 [1, 2, 3, 4] , with worm capabilities designed to spread to other victims using a mass e-mailing approach, with some of its variants also capable of infecting targets through peer-to-peer networks.

After infecting a computer, the MyDoom worm opens a backdoor on TCP ports 3127 through 3198, thus enabling the attackers to remotely access the compromised systems, to distribute other malicious payloads, and, in the case of some variants, to launch denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Källa: Notorious MyDoom Worm Still on AutoPilot After 15 Years

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