Vem mördade statsminister Olof Palme – en fråga som fortfarande är obesvarad och som beskrivs som ett nationellt trauma. Brittiska The Guardian berättar om händelserna, utredningen och om en mordutredning som fortfarande är aktuell 33 år senare.

The mystery of Palme’s death has become a national obsession. “One of my earliest memories is of my parents discussing who killed Palme,” a friend I met while living in Sweden for the past couple of years told me. “I can’t describe to you how deep this is in the Swedish soul.” The murder has inspired films, plays and music, and has even been cited as a factor in the worldwide explosion of Scandinavian crime fiction. A number of Swedish amateur detectives have devoted much of their lives to solving the case. Investigating it has led some of them to break the law and driven others to something approaching madness.

The Guardian

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