Chroniric XIX är ett spel som utspelar sig i framtiden med tidsmaskiner och andra prylar.

Gratis idag 29/5.

Jump in an interactive fiction in real time! You intercept a mysterious message coming from a past vastly different from our own. Your adventure begins, now!


Echo XIX^ is a time patroler who works for a secret society: the Scribes.

Their goal? To usher in a new golden age for humanity.

Will human history unfold as planned?

Did Echo XIX^ really spot a temporal divergence?

Pair up with Echo XIX^ across time and help her complete her mission!


Your answers influence the plot.

Will you play like a Protector? A Daredevil? A Dodger?

Advise Echo XIX^ with tact or use persuasion… and assume the consequences.

Meet historical characters and try to untangle fiction from reality.


Echo XIX^ progresses at her own pace.

Her adventure takes place in real time over several days: you receive notifications that keep you updated on her progress.

FAST MODE allows you to play without a break. However, the experience is more interesting in NORMAL MODE.


• 3 ways to play: Protector, Dodger, Daredevil.

• 3 different endings

• Time loops with direct consequences on the plot

• Mini-puzzles

• 15 ways to save Echo XIX^ from mortal danger

• 7 laws of time to unlock

• 30 objects and clues to find

• 40 achievements to unlock

Chroniric XIX