En intressant iakttagelse, bok och fakta som pekar mot att i ett mer jämställt samhälle så kan föräldrar slappnar av på ett annat sätt när det handlar om barnuppfostran.

Why Swedes Are Chiller Parents Than Americans

Fabrizio Zilibotti was born in Italy and met his wife (who’s Spanish) in London. Their daughter was born in Sweden, where she spent some of her childhood before the family moved to the U.K. and then Switzerland.

As he spent time in each of these countries, Zilibotti—who now lives in the U.S., teaching economics at Yale—became intrigued by the variety of parenting philosophies he encountered, from Sweden’s laissez-faire style of child-rearing to the U.K’s more rule-oriented approach. Parents in every country, he reasoned, loved their children more or less equally, so it seemed a little puzzling that they had such divergent ideas about what was best for their kids.

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