To capture the perfect lighting, Rasmus Furbo directed Spider-Man to crouch on top of a queen-size bed.

The web-slinger sat there, facing the end of the bed, against a black studio-like backdrop for the hero’s classic red and blue suit. The photo shoot was not for some kind of magazine promo for the next Marvel Cinematic offering. Rather the scene unfolded all within a video game.

Furbo, 33, has played video games practically his entire life, but over the summer he found what he calls “a hobby within a hobby” — what’s known by some as in-game photography.

“For me … it’s the same as taking photos out in the real world,” Furbo said. “You just have this ability to go places that you couldn’t do normally.”

As developers stretch the limits of gaming consoles to allow three-dimensional exploration of hyper-realistic worlds, a community of fans uses photos — or rather screenshots — to capture the beauty.

Källa: Washington Post

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