Privacy Company avslöjar nu att microsoft i hemlighet samlar in stora mängder detaljerad data om sina användare i Europa och skickar sedan informationen vidare till högkvarteret Remdon i USA.

Det är information som samlas in via Office 365 och Office 2016. Privacy Company har gjort undersökningen på uppdrag av Nederländska myndigheter och undersökningen visar att det handlar om detaljerd informaiton om hur användarna använder Microsofts produkter.

Microsoft systematically collects data on a large scale about the individual use of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Covertly, without informing people. Microsoft does not offer any choice with regard to the amount of data, or possibility to switch off the collection, or ability to see what data are collected, because the data stream is encoded. Similar to the practice in Windows 10, Microsoft has included separate software in the Office software that regularly sends telemetry data to its own servers in the United States. For example, Microsoft collects information about events in Word, when you use the backspace key a number of times in a row, which probably means you do not know the correct spelling. But also the sentence before and after a word that you look up in the online spelling checker or translation service. Microsoft not only collects use data via the inbuilt telemetry client, but also records and stores the individual use of Connected Services. For example, if users access a Connected Service such as the translate service through the Office software, Microsoft can store the personal data about this usage in so called system-generated event logs.

Privacy Company

All den här informationen samlas in utan att du som användare kan slå av den eller få information om vad som samlas in, vart den skickas eller vad informationen används till.


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