You, like me, must have wondered at one time or another where the “line” is when it comes to Twitter suspensions. I’ve seen overt racists, abusers, misogynists, and hot-take artists thrive on the app, so it must take something seriously drastic to actually get suspended, right?

On All Hallows’ Eve, I saw a clearly photoshopped image of a Monster Energy-infused ham product (a meme made by Adam The Creator). As a normal person, I was disgusted and downright bewildered that someone took the time to do this, but as a Twitter user addicted to those sweet, sweet likes and retweets, I saw gold. I saved the image to my phone, came up with a caption using a made-up word, and hit the tweet button. Regular stuff. The likes, retweets, and mentions started pouring in and everything was good.

Källa: Monster Energy Ham: I Got Suspended on Twitter For Posting Meme