Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 09.59.36HyperDroste är en app, en fotoapp för att manipulera och lägga till effekter i dina bilder.

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What is the Droste Effect?
The Droste effect refers to an image that appears recursively within itself.
A spiralling form of this effect was popularised back in 1956 by MC Escher, a famous Dutch artist, with his work named “Print Gallery”.

HyperDroste Features
– Real-Time Video Preview:
You can change the parameters of the droste effect and instantaneously observe the changes in the real-time animation preview.

– Export Formats?:
You can export your creations as animated GIFs, high quality videos or still images.

– Support for Cloud Storage:
You can import your photos from Dropbox, iCloud Drive or similar cloud storage services (requires iOS 8 or later).

-Parallax Effect:
The parallax effect dynamically shifts the perspective of the image according to the device orientation, creating an impressive 3D effect.

– Intuitive User Interface:
The FX Gallery lets you directly preview the available Droste Effect options.

– In-app Tutorial:
If you need help, a brief in-app tutorial will guide you through the required steps.

– Examples:
The app includes a number of examples to let you know what kind of images it is possible to create and to inspire your imagination.

– Social Media:
Post your creations to social media directly from within the app.

This is one of the coolest photography apps in the app store!


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