App size has been a controversial topic for a while now, since we’ve been noticing a trend of apps getting larger and larger as time goes by. Larger apps are bad not only because they take a lot of space on your device once installed, but they also consume a lot of bandwidth for downloads and updates, and there is a limit of 150MB which can be downloaded over cellular.

Soon after iOS 12 was released, some users have been noticing very large app sizes in the App Store. If you look at the Facebook app as an example, you’ll see that the App Store reports the size of the app to be 519MB. If you actually install the app and look at the storage settings, you’ll notice that it takes up 316MB on your device. This size will vary from device to device, but that’s more than 200MB less than what’s reported in the App Store.

Källa: iOS App Store bug makes apps including Facebook look a lot larger than they actually are

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