BBCs Marc Settle rör på sig mycket, är mobil, och det här är hans erfarenheter av iOS 12. Fördelar, nackdelar, fällor och tips – inte bara för dig som är journalist.

Regular readers will know that it’s that time of year again – a review of the new version of iOS, the operating system that powers iPhones and iPads. Not every aspect of iOS 12 will be covered here, just the new features which will be of most use to journalists in general and especially mobile journalists – “mojos”, the growing number of reporters and producers creating content with a smartphone.

It’s surprising to note that many journalists continue to use their smartphones simply as phones – which isn’t very smart, given the power of the device they carry with them all the time. It’s also surprising that iOS 12 will run on every device that currently runs iOS 11. This will therefore include iPhone 5s from way back in 2013 – now something of a dinosaur.

iOS 12: Plenty of potential for mobile journalists, but it may take time

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