Catch Mangoo är ett plattformspel där du ska fånga en liten rymdalien Mangoo.

Gratis idag 28/9, (köp i app)

Catch the Alien Monster Mangoo! A Fun brain teasing challenging puzzle game.

How to play:
Drop treats in a cage before time runs out!!
In the spirit of physics, the treats are connected to a balloon and the player uses various tools, such as fans, magnets and trampolines to make the balloon move around obstacles.

The Story of this new adventure :
A little boy awakes to find the goofy alien Mangoo poised to play.
You begin to use various methods to ‘Catch Mangoo’ without touching him. If Mangoo doesn’t get fed, with amusement his eyes bulge and he starts to drool.

Enjoy,think and solve this full version of physics logic game packs.
Challenging Puzzle Packs !! Including Laser drone Pack and Robotic arm Pack and 140 levels!
Unlock more Packs by collecting all the stars***!

Catch Mangoo

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