Mad Magazine hade sin peek 1974, sedan starten 1952. Under hela 200-talet så har Mad fört en alltmer tynande tillvaro men nu gör Mad en omstart.

Ny redaktör är Bill Morrison, faktiskt bara den femte sedan starten av humortidningen. Tidningen kommer nu att komma ut varannan månad och kompletteras med en Twitch-kanal.


But the new MAD also looks and feels very different than the one you grew up with. Printed in full color, MAD No. 1 is heavy on comics, with contributions from writer-artists like Luke McGarry and Bob Fingerman, and a Ready Player One riff written by comic (and comic fan) Brian Posehn.

Hollywood Reporter

“The combination of his pedigree as an editor, writer and artist and his crazy sense of humor makes him the ideal person going forward to maintain MAD magazine’s leading-edge position when it comes to what’s funny in the world today,” said Kanalz in a statement.