Programmet Calendar 2 som har en inbyggd funktion för att skapa cryptovalutan Monero har plockats bort ur Mac App Store medan funktionen plockats bort.

Funktionen är nu inte dold utan den finns med som ett alternativ är att betala för fler och mer avancerade funktioner i Calendar 2. Du kan köpa (kunde) och betala direkt eller välja att betala min avgift med en funktion som genererar cryptovaluta.


Programmet stoppades och plockades bort ur Mac App Store. I efterhand visar det sig att funktionen hade en bugg som ledde till att cryptovaluta-funktionen kördes även om användaren valde att slå av den. Funktionen drog dessutom mer kapacitet ön det var tänkt.

We have decided to REMOVE the miner in the app. The next version will remove the option to get free features via mining. This is for three reasons:
1) The company which provided us the miner library did not disclose its source code, and it would take too long for them to fix the root cause of the CPU issue.
2) The rollout had a perfect storm of bugs which made it seem like our company *wanted* to mine crypto-currency without people’s permission, and that goes against our whole ethos and vision for Qbix.
3) My own personal feeling that Proof of Work has a dangerous set of incentives which can lead to electricity waste on a global scale we’ve never seen before. We don’t want to get sucked into this set of incentives, and hopefully our decision to ultimately remove the miner will set some sort of precedent for other apps as well.
Ultimately, even though we technically could have remedied the situation and continued on benefiting from the pretty large income such a miner generates, we took the above as a sign that we should get out of the “mining business” before we get sucked into the Proof of Work morass of incentives.

Fotnot: Calendar 2 finns nu låter i Mac App Store.

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