Vill du hålla koll på när en hemsida uppdateras eller förändras så kan Web Alert vara det program (för din Mac) som du letar efter.

Gratis idag 18/2.

Web Alert notifies you whenever updates you are interested in occur on any website. Navigate to your site, choose which part of the page you want to monitor and forget about it – every time updates appear you will be the first to know.

It’s easy to use and it works even when a login is necessary. Get notified when a price changes, a promotion is added, a new article is published or progress in a case is made. Stay ahead of the game and do not miss any update.

• Monitor an unlimited number of websites and get instant alerts when updates occur
• Choose exactly which part of the page to monitor
• Check pages behind logins, searches or long navigation
• Since you will receive alerts for errors and warnings, the app can act as an availability checker for your websites
• Keep track of changes and compare with ease:
– view the original and updated page selections screenshot
– view the original and updated entire page with the selection highlighted
– view the text versions (both original and updated) of the selections

Web Alert

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