Gratistipset: Stash

Gratistipset: Stash

Stash är en träningsdagsbok som du kan använda för att notera och spara antal steg, träningspass och annan hälsodata.

Gratis idag 21/1.

Stay in shape and healthy. Keep moving !

With help of Today’s Stash and integration with Health app, you can easily keep up with your daily activity. Just select your desired activity type and you are all set.

To watch your current progress quickly and with easy, you can use Force Touch on Today’s Stash icon and even better, you can add Today’s Stash Widget to your widgets area !

With help of Today’s Stash Watch Complication, you can see your daily progress right on your wrist with just a glance.

Currently supported activity types:
– step count
– walking / running distance
– cycling distance
– swimming distance
– flights climbed
– active calories burned
– basal calories burned
– bpm
– active minutes