Den iranska regimen har stängt ned uppkopplingar till Internet i landet efter oroligheter och demonstrationer.

Enligt Reuters så har åtminstone två demonstranter skjutits.

DUBAI (Reuters) – At least two protesters were shot by Iranian security forces in the western town of Dorud on Saturday, according to a video posted on social media, on the third day of anti-government demonstrations around the country.


Sedan videor och annan informations spridits via nätet så har Internet stängts ned, både det mobila nätet och andra uppkopplingar.



Information har försökt spridas via krypterade kanaler, bland annat Telegram men sedan uppmaningar om att kasta molotovcocktails på säkerhetstyrkorna så har Telegram stängt ned kanaler.

Iran is currently engulfed in demonstrations: many are protesting the clerical leadership, corruption and increasing costs of living, while counter-protestors are trying to protect the regime. And Telegram finds itself caught in the middle. The chat service has suspended the Amadnews channel after it started encouraging subscribers to lob Molotov cocktails at police, breaking the company’s policy against calls for violence. The move came after Iran telecoms minister Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi complained to company founder Pavel Durov, who said Telegram would have to block the channel if it was promoting violence as claimed.


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