Populära Twitter-program uppdaterade

Populära Twitter-program uppdaterade

Tweetbot toch Twitterific har nu båda uppdaterats med den nya gränsen på 280 tecken i ett inlägg istället för 140.

Även versionerna för iPhone och iPad har uppdaterats (iOS).


What’s New

Version 5.1:

New Features:
  • Muffle and Mutes:
    • Select a tweet then “Muffle Tweet” in the … Action menu to create one
    • Any selected text in the tweet appears as a choice in the menu
    • Twitter clients can be muffled by selecting the “via” item in the menu
    • Use the Muffles panel in Preferences to manage your muffle and mutes
    • Changes are automatically synced between macOS and iOS
  • Automatic scrolling:
    • In General preferences, select “Keep timeline pinned to top”
    • Scroll a timeline to the newest tweet at the top
    • Any new tweets will then automatically scroll into view
  • Status indicators for new mentions or messages:
    • A dot is displayed in the menu bar icon
    • A badge is displayed on the Dock icon
    • System Preferences > Notifications can be used to turn off Dock badge
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    • Help > Show Release Notes para ayuda
  • Right-click on Direct Message thread to mark as read or delete
  • Optimized timeline scrolling and update performance
  • Selected text in a tweet will no longer be deselected after the timeline refreshes
  • Improved image caching for better display performance and memory usage
  • Added a new, smaller text size setting called “Miniature”
  • Added new, lighter display fonts: “System Light” and “Avenir Light”
  • Lovers of the best text editor rejoice: HJKL keys navigate timeline
  • Media viewer saves with unique image names (like screen shots)
  • Use Option-1 to 9 for switching account of the selected Timeline
  • Hover over timestamp for a tooltip showing the app used to post
  • Updated several icons throughout the app for greater clarity
  • The text entry for long direct messages will now scroll as needed
  • The … Action menu displays keyboard shortcuts for reference
  • Added more common functions to the tweet’s … Action menu
  • Relative timestamps on tweets now update continuously
  • Added “Jump To Marker” and “Jump To Last Unread” to the Timeline menu
Bug Fixes:
  • Changing appearance settings now updates the message threads correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could cause tweets to flicker
  • The thread indicator on the tweet no longer disappears when you retweet
  • Fixed issues preventing the timeline from updating immediately when muffle rules were added or removed
  • Links to Vimeo are now directed to the browser instead of a static image in the media viewer


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later
  • Twitter account


Nyheter i version 2.5.4

– Added support for posting up to 280 character long Tweets.
– Blocking users now prevents Tweets from those users showing up in Tweet search and Tweet replies.