En läcker kalender för din iPhone

En läcker kalender för din iPhone

Vantage är en läcker, lite annorlunda kalenderapp för in iPhone.

Gratis idag 7/9

Just a simple and easy calendar app. Built to be highly visual and customizable for the best possible view of your life. Welcome to a new perspective.

// Featured by Apple in ‘New Apps We Love’. A huge thanks from us to the Vantage community for all the support we are getting. Stay awesome people! //

In our view a calendar should visualize someones life, so we set out to build the most visual calendar ever. Vantage is loaded with design options like colors, stickers and fonts so that you can let the events you care about stand out and get a great view over the days to come.

Also, turn any event into a To-Do to check off.

It syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook, Facebook Events and just about any other calendar that supports iPhone or iPad.

Get in touch at hello@vantage-app.com

What’s New

Today we got some new stickers for you! Plus a new paid color theme. And we found a few bugs that hopefully you won’t.


OBS! Appen innehåller köp i appen, in-app-purchase.

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