Viacom blunder left media orgs 'exposed' - BBC News

Viacom blunder left media orgs ‘exposed’ – BBC News

Viacom exposed important credentials that could have allowed hackers to wreak havoc on major media organisations, a cyber security firm has said.California-based UpGuard said it discovered unsecured information that hackers could have used to access cloud servers belonging to firms like MTV, Paramount and Nickelodeon.”The potential nefarious acts made possible by this cloud leak could have resulted in grave reputational and business damages for Viacom, on a scale rarely seen,” the firm said.Viacom said there was no evidence its data had been abused by hackers, and stressed that no customer details were exposed.“We have analyzed the data in question and determined there was no material impact,” the company said in a statement.“Once Viacom became aware that information on a server – including technical information, but no employee or customer information – was publicly accessible, we rectified the issue.”

Källa: Viacom blunder left media orgs ‘exposed’ – BBC News

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