Håll reda på din tid med en tomat

Håll reda på din tid med en tomat

One Tomato är en app för din iPhone och din iPad för att hålla reda på din tid.

Gratis idag 26/9

[ One Tomato-Simple and efficient Pomodoro ]

Let me hear you if you want: 719754914@qq.com

• Based on the Pomodoro Technique helps you more efficiently utilize every minute.
• Minimalist interface design, allowing you to be more focused
• Immersion mode lets you focus more on the current
• White Noise playback, so you can work and study more focus
• 3D-Touch allows you to use more convenient
• Support for custom labels
• Support share to Wechat and save as photo

[ What is pomodoro? ]

Pomodoro is a simple time management tool.
You will spend 25 minutes concentrate on work, not allowed to do anything halfway. Ater that, you will have 5 minutes to take a short break. And afer every four tomatos, you will have 15 minutes to take a long break.
Pomodoro greatly improve the efficiency of the work, there will be an unexpected sense of accomplishment.

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One Tomato

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