Monster har också känslor

Monster har också känslor

Det här är ett ordspel, ett pussel, där du ska sluss med monster med – just det, ord.

Gratis idag 11/7.

Monsters have feelings too! is a single player word game with role playing game elements. Battle monsters with your words and spend their money on shiny hats.

There is a princess to be saved. She may or may not have a sexy elbow.
Woo her with your sesquipedalian arsenal. Go now, woo.

• Bite sized rounds.
• Cute monsters to destroy.
• Humpledink.
• Collect weapons and amulets to increase the power of your letters
• Collect hats to increase your health
• Please don’t destroy Humpledink, he’s a nice monster with a family.

Monsters have feelings too!

Missa inte Mackens fråga!
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