Meddelanden med retro-stuk

Meddelanden med retro-stuk

Display Go är en app för att skapa ett blinkande meddelande som ser ut som gårdagen gamla led-skärmar.

Gratis idag 9/7.

Display Go shows large text messages with fantastic visual effects on your iPhone & iPad. Or if you prefer, you can send the video message through your favorite social network or application.

In summer there are festivals and promotions with great discounts! Now, the app is totally free for a limited time.

Display Go is the ideal tool to send important notes (or memos), express feelings of love, send messages when you’re in the library, order drinks at loud clubs, give silent reminders during meetings, share sports results, great ideas, etc.

Captivate your friends, colleagues and relatives with incredible texts and emoticons. Not only does Display Go have the highest quality resolution but it also has a stylish, logical format to facilitate easy use.

These are the features:

? Unlimited text length.
? Double click or shake your iPhone to write messages and go to preferences (“shake screen” must be activated).
? Phone will vibrate when your message has been completely displayed (feature must be activated).

? Multiple shapes for the LED matrix
? Attractive shape with or without the LED matrix.
? Several size options for the LED.
? Advanced color wheel.

? Wide range of text fonts and sizes. Includes all the fonts available on your iPhone or iPad.
? Flicker effect with variable flicker speed.
? Option to loop messages.

? Automatic storage.
? Manual editing and deleting of messages.
? Ability to “Favorite” messages.

? Create and edit video messages to display on your screen and then send them through your favorite social media or message application.
? Share text via Facebook or Twitter.

? Multiple, customizeable effect shapes.
? Advanced color wheel.
? Variable effect size.
? Precise slider for adjustment of the flicker function.


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