Mycket positiva omdömen om Apples HomePod

Mycket positiva omdömen om Apples HomePod

Apples HomePod är ett högtalarsystem med Siri inbyggt. Det är det vi vet och vi vet att det finns en kraftfull processor och hjärna i enheten. Frågan är då hur det låter?

Följde du Apples keynote så kanske du noterade att Apple pratade mer om högtalarna, mikrofonerna och ljudet i HomePod än de pratade om Siri och vad Apples digitala assistent kan hjälpa dig med.


That was the first of many questions I asked the HomePod Apple installed in the corner of its WWDC demo area, and the answer was the same each time: silence. Sure, the hazy light on top of the speaker ebbed and flowed — that doesn’t mean it understood anything I was saying. Spokespeople quickly clarified that this was a nonfunctional demo unit, but I did eventually hear one next to a Sonos PLAY:3 and an original Amazon Echo. Musically, it blew them both out of the water.


After spending time listening to several songs on the HomePod at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference here, I was wowed. But that doesn’t mean Apple will have an easy time of it. Sales of high-end audio have never been a consumer electronics topper. Apple is clearly aiming at the high-end, premium consumer with a speaker priced at $349, twice as expensive as the Echo and about three times more than Home.

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The main thing to know is that Apple has done a remarkably good job finding ways to get its speaker to feel like it’s filling a room with sound. It starts with the subwoofer, which delivers bass that doesn’t quite hit you in the chest but does manage to put other smart speakers like the Echo or Google Home to shame. It’s obviously no standalone subwoofer, but it outperforms what you’d expect from a speaker of this size.

HomePod lanseras i december i år men bara i tre länder, USA, Storbritannien och Australien. Det inne ingen tidsplan och inga besked vare som pris i Sverige eller när det kan vara aktuellt med en lansering.