Bygg dina egna fotofilter

Presets är en app där du kan bygga upp dina egna fotofilter.

Gratis idag 12/6.

Bygg dina egna fotofilter

Bygg dina egna fotofilter

Easy to use gestures allow users to swap, delete and temporarily disable filters in their layer chain.
Use Preset’s easy to learn interface to create the perfect combination of filters that you can save and reuse.
Users can also pinch on the image they are editing to zoom. They can double tap to go back to original scale.

29 Available Adjustments:
Basic: Brightness, Exposure, Gamma, Saturation, Vibrance, Contrast, Highlight, Shadows, Temperature, Tint, Vignette, Sharpen & Unsharp Mask
Color: Monochrome, Duotone, White Point, Hue, Posterize
Vintage: Sepia, Fade, Chrome, Process, Transfer, Instant
B & W: Mono, Tonal, Noir, Minimum Component & Maximum Component
Watermark: #MadeWithPreset

And we are constantly adding new advanced, adjustments.
Share your Photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any app on user’s device that has a share extension.
The app supports full use on iPad in full screen, side-by-side or slide over mode.
Apply your presets inside the Photo App by using our extension. They can apply a preset then save it to their device.
Preset is available on any device that supports iOS 9 or 10. That includes iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.


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