Tydligare visning av innehållet på hårddisken

Tydligare visning av innehållet på hårddisken

Pulvinius är ett program för din Mac som visar innehållet på din hårddisk mer grafisk och mer tydligt.

Gratis idag 10/4.

Pulvinus is a disk space analyser using a visualisation technique called squarified cushion tree maps to show the files on your disk using most of the space in a very intuitive manner.

Simply analyse your disk, a mount path such as a network drive and navigate to the biggest cushions shown on the screen.

The app features a customisable color coding mechanism for file types (e.g. video files or music files) to make it even easier for you to identify your directories and files.

As part of the workflow, your are able to put files or directories you identified to be superfluous in a deletion list and move them to the trash in one chunk when you are done and really sure.

The file system scan is implemented using advanced multi threading techniques, leveraging all cores of your Mac while obtaining the necessary file system information.

Pulvinus (which means ‘cushion’) is the fast, intuitive, lean and easy to use app to identify the storage waste on your disks and network drives.