Ordning och reda på dina urklipp

Ordning och reda på dina urklipp

Pastebot är ett program för din Mac för att hålla reda på dina urklipp – alla de där länkarna, textbitarna och allt annat som du klipper ut och vill ha kvar.

Pastebot kan lagra flera urklipp så att du kan plocka fram dem i efterhand, skicka dem vidare eller dela dem. Via iCloud så kan du även dela dem med din iPhone, iPad och andra datorer. Det här är faktiskt ett smått suveränt litet program för dig som klipper och klistrar ofta och mycket. Det är väl värt de 10 dollar det kostar att köpa.

Pastebot saves everything you copy so that you can quickly recall them in the future. Save and organize frequently-used clippings into custom pasteboards and create keyboard shortcuts to access pasteboards and paste specific clippings. Build filters with a live preview and apply them as you paste. Create keyboard shortcuts to quickly paste using your filters and export your filters to share with other Pastebot users. Pastebot is there when you need it and invisible when you don’t. Quickly access your clippings from any app and search, preview, or filter clippings before pasting. You can even set the order of clippings to paste in sequence.

With iCloud enabled, your main clipboard, custom pasteboards and filters sync across all of your computers running Pastebot. Your clipboard and filters will be on every mac you work on. Create custom pasteboard groups to organize important clippings you want to save and re-use. Assign keyboard shortcuts to clippings you use most often. macOS Sierra’s Universal Clipboard works alongside Pastebot. Copy a clipping in Pastebot and paste it on your iOS device via Universal Clipboard.

What’s New

Version 2.1.2:

  • Improvements to ‘Always Paste Plain Text’. In some cases it wasn’t working as well as it should have
  • When using ‘Always Paste Plain Text’, pasting items from your clipboard now move to the top
  • Sequential paste can now queue up duplicate items
  • Sequential paste now honors your settings for ‘Always Paste Plain Text’
  • Filter text areas for ‘Find and Replace’ and ‘Quote Text’ no longer do any smart punctuation conversion
  • The paste script used to paste into other apps has been improved for dvorak and other international keyboard users. We are unable to replace the script automatically so contact support if this affects you
  • Fixed an issue where it could still register a global hot key for a filter or clipping that had been deleted
  • Improved support for Right to Left layout of the user interface
  • Fixed an issue where ‘Quit Pastebot’ could show an alert panel behind other app windows if the dock icon was hidden


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