Frisera ett får

Frisera ett får

Nu kan du frisera ett får i Silly Billys Hairsaloon.

Gratis idag 2/4.

Give our animals hairstyles they love! Copy their silly hairstyles & win stars! Style, cut, curl, wash, and dry – any way you want – with adorable funny characters. ? 4 funny characters, ? 14 exciting tools, ? 30 beautiful accessories, ? 2 great game modes and some really unique features:
• Mini games: Our animals want particular hairstyles — try to make them happy.
• Freestyle: Just style and dress any way you want. No right, no wrong – just fun!
• You can even style their bodies: Check this out.
• Dancing: Touch the radio and watch all the animals do funny dance moves to 4 different songs.

Ideal family fun for all ages.
? This app gives you and your kids full control over creativity and fun. Use lots of different tools, create your own style, and then top it all off with glasses, hats, shoes, and tattoo stickers.

• Create any style you want: punk, disco, casual, surfer, serious, crazy …
• 4 characters: Billy the Sheep, Leo the Lion, Peter the Panda, and Hanna the Horse.
• Cut and trim their hair with scissors or an electric hair trimmer
• Curl or straighten their hair
• Comb the animals’ hair to the perfect position while you give them a little body massage
• Use our funny hair dryer
• Wash the animals with hot or cold water (Which do you think they like more?)
• Lots of hair colors to combine
• Styling accessories: hats, shoes, glasses and much more…
• Funny tattoo stickers
• Take a photo of your styled animal and send it to your friends, parents, and grandparents.

• All the characters have super adorable animation and make funny faces and sounds while you style them.
• Train your styling skills: if you want, the animals can tell you their favorite hairstyle. Try to make them happy …
• Our characters really love music: watch them bring out their funniest dance moves when you turn on the radio.

Silly Billys Hair Saloon

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