En hållare i trä för din Apple Pencil?

En hållare i trä för din Apple Pencil?

Pad & Quill har lanserat en ny elegant hållare i trä fär din Apple Pencil. En present för den som redan har allt för Apple, kanske?

Hållaren kostar just nu strax under 40 dollar, 39.95 exklusive frakt.

Even if the Apple Pencil never leaves your desk, it seems like the Pencil or its tiny adapter tends to wander off on its own and fall into the same dimension as left socks, cufflinks, and earring backs. We solved this problem by giving the Apple Pencil (and its adapter) a beautiful place of their own on your desk. The Apple Pencil Stand has a wide base with a narrower top for stability and has a high-friction coefficient material lining the bottom so it won’t slide around. You can stand the Apple Pencil either upright or place it horizontally so it is always within reach. The charging adapter even has a home of it can call its own.

We crafted this iconic design out of one piece of walnut hardwood that is FSC certified and precision cut to the millimeter. Make the Apple Pencil the star of your workspace with a wooden Apple Pencil stand worthy of a place on your desk. We like to honor the tools of our craft here at Pad & Quill, just as we like to honor the artisans who make them. After all, what would we be without them?

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