Aga app 'could let hackers turn off oven' - BBC News

Aga app ‘could let hackers turn off oven’ – BBC News

An app that lets Aga cooker owners remotely control their ovens could be hijacked by hackers, a cybersecurity researcher has claimed.Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners was thinking of upgrading his Aga when he found vulnerabilities in the apps used to control the newest models.It means ovens could be turned on or off, though not in a way that makes the cookers dangerous.Aga has said it has contacted the third party that provided the system.”If you were maliciously motivated, it wouldn’t be very difficult to switch off people’s Aga’s remotely,” Mr Munro told the BBC.His investigation concerned the “iTotal Control” (TC) system, which Aga has marketed since 2012.Among the security issues he says he found is the fact that SMS messages – which are used by the system to turn the oven on or off – are not authenticated by the cooker.

Källa: Aga app ‘could let hackers turn off oven’ – BBC News

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