Moment in Time är en klocka som, du kan ändra utseendet på – en klocka för din iPhone och iPad som är gratis.

Klockan finnas dessutom även i version för din AppleTV – också den gratis.

This is Moment In Time; a free, beautiful & fully customisable clock for your Mac (along with iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV).

Moment In Time has limitless customisation, allowing you to change how it keeps time, set a font, background, and more. You can personalise your clock to you and your environment.

You can also use Moment In Time to get the current time & date in 8 formats for you to copy & paste into any of your projects.

Moment In Time is completely & permanently free and is available on the App Store. It does not contain ads or in-app purchases. It also does not require an internet connection. Enjoy!

Moment in Time

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