As the days close in on Apple’s first-quarter earnings call, where the company is anticipated to announce its first-ever $100 billion quarter, shares of AAPL are setting their own records.

Apple hit a new all-time high on the stock market on Friday, January 22. Shares of AAPL hit a high of $139.85 in intraday trading on the NASDAQ Friday afternoon. Its new boost enabled the company to end the day at an additional record closing price of $139.07.

The stock has grown over five percent since the end of 2020, accelerated by the rumors that the company is poised to post a record-breaking holiday quarter and that the company is ramping up its work on its own electric self-driving car.

A report from LLD two days ago says that Apple could reach $102.6 billion in the first quarter of 2021, a feat that would spell the fast-growing quarter for the company in the last ten quarters.

Källa: Apple shares hit an all-time high as rumors of a record quarter grow